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digital assets

Crypto-assets provide an attractive diversification to the mainstream investment infrastructure. We argue that any diversified investment portfolio should include a small percentage of crypto-assets, held for the long term. We provide the data and analysis necessary for this new class of investor.

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Who we are

BlockSmith is an international collective of professional investors and technologists, focussed on the development of valuation methodologies. We are an expert team with many years of experience, including IT systems development for the world’s largest bank and venture capital advisory, alongside finance and technology.


The BlockSmith project began in 2016 with the creation of a closed and private crypto-asset investment fund. We found a real lack of accurate, useful and consistent data. In order to drive our market leading performance, we found that we needed to develop our own extensive database and metrics to drive our investment decisions. Our core metrics focus on price movement, onchain activity and social data.

Mobile App

The BlockSmith Mobile App is our first consumer product that provides a glimpse into our work. It is built on top of the BDS infrastructure and allows users to easily and intuitively compare and rank the top 30 market cap crypto-assets using some of our high-level evaluation metrics. There has been a focus on making our complex BDS data simple and digestible for the mobile app user.

API & Data

BlockSmith Data Service (BDS) is a robust and scalable database infrastructure that can be used for technical, fundamental and quantitative analysis, as well as product development such as algorithm creation and testing. Our API analyses over 1M data points daily and has been doing so for years.

Check out our Twitter bot. It posts daily with the most current and relevant statistical representations.

Partnership Opportunities

We are looking to collaborate with the world’s sharpest minds to help reduce the informational asymmetry in crypto-assets, helping to drive adoption and accelerate inflows of institutional capital into the market. Share your ideas for collaboration, along with a basic thesis describing the intent of the work to be carried out and we will get back to you.

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